The Truth Behind Garcinia Cambogia

We are concerned about the influence of marketing in the purchase of slimming products. And since Garcinia Cambogia is offered openly as if it were hot bread, we decided to leave our line of work to establish the truth behind this supplement that promises so much.

That is why in this article we are going to explain to you:

  • What Is Garcinia Cambogia And Why Is It So Popular?
  • How Does It Work?
  • What Have We Investigated?
  • What Is The Best Quality Garcinia Cambogia?

What Is Garcinia Cambogia And Why Is It So Popular?

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the recommended diet supplements for weight loss. It is a fruit that develops naturally in southern India and Indonesia. Generations of natives of these areas have used it as part of their natural medicine, since it has astringent and antibiotic properties.

However, its fame is due to its ability to burn excess fat in the body. This fruit contains a large amount of hydroxycitric acid (or HCA) that inhibits the enzyme ATP citrate lyase, which is what creates lipids and stores excesses.

It is known that the popularity of Garcinia Cambogia is undoubtedly due to the presentation that was made on  Dr. Oz’s program.  From there, an endless range of products made based on this fruit materialized that promises to reduce overweight easily.

This is why we have decided to investigate its characteristics and virtues, in order to determine how they act with accuracy. From this we have studied most of the products made based on Garcinia Cambogia that are currently offered. We analyze what they contain and what influence they have on weight loss.

Operation Of The HCA

The HCA or hydroxycitric acid is the active ingredient in the fruit of Garcinia Cambogia. This enzyme is responsible for lipogenesis in the body, or origin of fats. Therefore, its limitation by the HCA, is the principle that reduces overweight and the formation of excess fat.

HCA is also responsible for producing glucose more effectively and providing the feeling of fullness in the body. That is why it is a key compound, which must be present in the Garcinia Cambogia tablets , in at least 50% concentration. This is the key component, which makes it possible to lose weight.

What Have We Investigated?

In Opinion Health we have done our own research on the compliments made with this fruit, in order to provide you with the best information. That is why we have based ourselves on the following main points:

During our inquiry, we discarded many of the brands that are frequently offered. We were able to verify that they presented the following problems:

Failure In The Concentration Of HCA In The Tablets: The HCA or hydroxycitric acid is present in the natural compound Garcinia Cambogia that has the ability to burn fat .

Presence Of Additives And Artificial Preservatives: The quality of this compound has been affected by the presence of elements such as additives and artificial preservatives that interfere with the action of HCA. It is the result of a low quality production process.

The Lack Of Information Label: Many products made theoretically from  Garcinia Cambogia , do not place a clear label on their packaging indicating the exact composition of the product.

That is why these axes were the most relevant starting points of our inquiry.

How Is Garcinia Cambogia Of Higher Quality?

It is difficult to determine the highest quality product, with so many proposals renewing every day in an active way. However, we were able to make a fair measurement by the following factors:

Online Reputation:  The most successful tablets have already been on the market for several years and an irreproachable online reputation. That is, they do not have negative comments in forums or reviews of health sites.

It Has The Official Guarantees: Like that of the FDA in the United States, whose strict controls are impeccable when it comes to approving a product that favors health.

Tested By Independent Organizations: We are not the first to measure the Garcinia Cambogia tablets. Other analysts of products for consumers have already examined brands and versions, approving them that today prevail on sale.

With A Return Guarantee: Only a company that believes in its products offers the possibility of returning it in the event that the client finds it unfeasible for some reason. We confirm that companies do this.