Tips for Using and Maintaining A Log Splitter

Log Splitter happens to be the best choice among the people who indulge in any business related to wood and timber. This machines is being excessively used and is almost indispensable for all such people who have to cut wood on day to day basis for easy to handle and easy to operate nature. A log splitter is a simple machine which cuts and tears the heaviest of logs in blink of an eye, a task which otherwise involve a herculean effort to cut woods and trees. However, using and operating a log splitter is no kid’s play. It requires specialized training and mentoring under an expert before you can lay your hands on it. It’s an expensive machine and any adventure with it by a untrained person can cost hundreds of dollars to repair or replace and on the other hand might prove out to be a lethal weapon gone wrong. So here are some handy tips for using a Log Splitter for newbie’s, although it’s advisable to get specialized training if you are to use it for commercial purpose but in case you wish to use it for domestic purpose these tips would be quite helpful in using and maintaining a Log Splitter. Lets first talk about using the log splitter and popular electric log splitter reviews online too. Later we will talk about its comparison with gas log splitter to understand which one of them is better and why.

Using an Electric Log splitter:-

An Electric Log Splitter is easy to handle and operate as compared to a Gas Log Splitter, it is compact in size, makes lesser noise and can be connected to an ordinary power outlet at home for ue. You can cut a log up to 24 inches thick and 10 inches in diameter easily with an electric log splitter. It is always advisable to use the log splitter in open preferably in a garage or a garden rather than indoors just as a safety measure. Just be assured that the hydraulic pressure is released before using a splitter. Put the log in the tool, try placing the flatter side of the log towards the axe so that the log doesn’t slip around. Just be aware of using it in front of kids, as the little ones have a knack of imitating their parents and but this machine is strictly to be locked out of children’s reach.

Using a Gas Log Splitter:-

A Gas Log Splitter is a machine that requires special attention and trained person to operate this machine for impeccable power and knack of malfunctioning even at a hint of mishandling. So it’s always advisable to hire a professional to use it. A Gas log splitter is normally used in remote locations like forest where the trees are cut and then cut into smaller logs to be transported.

Maintaining a Log Splitter:-

Electric Log Splitter usually require little maintenance and is in fact very cheap to maintain too as it uses electricity as main power input. But in case of a Gas Log Splitter, maintenance is one area which cannot be ignored. It requires timely service just like an automotive. Timely and regular servicing of your log splitter will ensure longer working life and optimum return on investment.