The Gardeners And Landscapers – Far More Than A Profession With A Green Thumb!

The gardeners and landscapers ensures beautifully landscaped parking areas, exotic plants and designed to suit individual needs Gardens – so that this profession is responsible for ensuring that relaxing, romantic or exciting hours can be spent in the countryside.

A Profession With Tradition

Since ancient times, Landscaping plays an important role, she has not lost over time. While in earlier times the cultivation of food was the central justification for the garden cultivation and fruit and vegetables were grown, especially the park and garden design advanced in modern times in the center of interest.

The best example of this are the sumptuously decorated palace gardens from different eras: the Tiergarten in Berlin, the English Garden in Munich, the Park Sanssouci in Potsdam and the many botanical gardens in many cities and towns are nationally known and invite families and nature lovers on trips and daily tours. Creating beautifully designed ponds, colorful flower beds and paths enchanted heard it for centuries for demanding tasks of the landscape gardeners.

Today the garden and landscape design is no longer reserved for the nobility and the well-heeled families long since private homeowners benefit as well as public institutions from the wealth of experience of the companies!

On our portal you will find professional master craftsmen in the field of horticulture and landscaping. Contact a professional for your garden and let your wishes and ideas reliably and competently put into action!

The professional field gardeners and landscapers: education, graduation or masters course?

The extensive and specialized profession of landscaping builder can be learned in different ways. Whether with the classical training, a particular course of study or advanced training to master. However, one thing that all training routes in common: the combination of practical activities with artistic and creative elements makes for a challenging and varied work routine.


In the first year of training, the basic properties of plants, soils and substrates are taught the correct use of tools and machinery learned and taught in the know about harvesting, pest control and plant use. The following year, the focus is inter alia on the analytical analysis of the soil and the use of plant species with respect to their claims. The last and specialized year is all about planting plans, the dredging of wells, the building greening and drainage systems. Of course, the training many times is more extensive than these few examples can prove!

The Studies

The academic community is also a study of landscaping and landscape architecture can of course pay. The financial statements enable them to further employment in science and research or are aimed at planning elements of the profession! The combination of creative landscaping with environmental and social aspects open up employment opportunities in planning offices, public service, federal and state, in conservation agencies or in urban communities. They will make after graduation squares and parks, sports fields and design plan or accept work as an expert.

The Master Training

Work continues to develop as early as the landscaping industry and want? Maybe you want to be your own boss in the future and to teach young people the craft? After successful master training, you can pass on their experiences and incorporate your own ideas and beliefs. Learn the labor settlement at the site and compliance with economic aspects of a business. As an independent contractor or as a department head to take responsibility for the company and future generations!

The Activities Of Gardeners And Landscapers

The complex work of a range of landscaping builder can be divided into three broad categories: The garden design, garden design and garden maintenance. In each area a variety of tasks are:

The Garden Planning

All work must of course be prepared and well planned. Thus, not only the material must be procured and transported to the site – the working surfaces must measure deferred and are processed according to the work order with heavy equipment.

The Garden Design

Are the necessary preparations and consultations completed, it goes to the actual implementation and design of these garden areas. Beds need for this must be dredged and filled with nutrient-rich soil, are laid lawn or planted, sidewalks applied is set trees and hedges are planted.

Using a shovel coarser activities must be performed: Specific areas of the garden to be dug for a pond, water courses or drainage systems or used for the foundation of a greenhouse.

Garden Care

Whether large or small scale – once landscaped gardens, parks and cemeteries must be cherished. In the private sector the care starts with the hedge and tree cuttings and sits down in the winter or replanting in the spring in preparation of the garden continues.

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