How To Eliminate Moisture And Leaks?

What Causes Humidity?

There are several factors that can cause the appearance of moisture and although we know that rain is one of the most common, do not forget that the humidity of the subsoil can also affect your walls, in addition to the wear of the pipes.

Many times we do not notice the damage on the walls until the paint starts to come out allowing small cracks and salt spray to appear, but do not worry, it is always possible to repair the humidity .

How Do I Identify The Humidity?

We recommend you check your roofs and walls at least 3 times a year, so you will avoid leaks and wear on the walls, noticing details so you can repair them in time before the damage is greater.

Humidity is presented in different ways, in the review you do to the walls of your home look if there are:

  • Mold stains
  • Seaweed, if you live in cold weather.
  • Blistering of the paint.
  • Appearance of saltpeter.
  • Water filtration.

The leaks occur when there are leaks in the roof due to exterior damage of the waterproofing.

How To Repair Damage By Moisture On Interior Walls?

Once the problem is detected it is time to start with the solution, follow the step by step that we leave you below and start to repair your walls, take into account that you should remove the current flattened, so we suggest you turn to the help from an expert.

  1. Thoroughly clean the damaged surface, use a brush with metal bristles or a spatula and remove the remains of blistered paint. Make sure there is no dust and dirt left.
  2. Before starting, remove the plaster or flat and cure the fissures or cracks with Comex Polyurethane Sealant. If the wall already has mold or algae, clean using a solution of five parts of water for one of chlorine.
  3. Subsequently, apply two coats of Cementop Cementop Waterproof Cement and let it cure for three days.
  4. Finally apply some flattening or finishing if you wish and decorate with Vinimex vinyl paint and ready!

How To Repair Leaks In Roofs Abroad?

Thoroughly cleans the surface, leaving it free of dust or poorly adhering materials that can be detached.

Resan the cracks with Top Tapagoteras or Comex Polyurethane Sealant . Let dry 30 minutes.

Apply a dilution of 4 liters of water for one of Top Waterproofing and apply on the surface to seal the porosity.

Apply the first coat of Waterproof Top without diluting in one direction. Let it dry the recommended time and then apply the second hand in a crossed direction.

Repair the damage by moisture in walls and leaks on the roof is not so complicated, just identify the problem and solve it in simple steps so that your home is impeccable again.

Conclusion: We hope all the above information will help you to repair leaks in your home. If you live in a place where you see there can be a need of emergency water damage restoration then be prepare with some of the service providers in your area. So you can contact them without wasting any time when you need urgent.