Cleaning Where Crime Has Occurred

When an injury or death occurs as a result of a violent crime, it is important to try to remain calm and notify the police authorities.

Competent officials must be notified to begin a crime scene investigation, as well as an independent service provider who can clean and disinfect the scene once the investigation is completed.

SERVPRO provides special clean-up services where a crime has occurred to remove biohazard materials from the scene of a violent event and disinfect the area.

We work quickly to restore violent traumatic scenarios to their original state and cooperate with law enforcement authorities to avoid endangering the investigation of the crime scene.

Experience & Professionalism

It can be very difficult for everyone involved to deal with the consequences of a serious accident or a violent crime scene , but taking the right actions in these scenarios is extremely important for your personal safety.

SERVPRO has been providing a variety of extreme cleaning and blood cleaning services throughout Santa Clarita.

Eliminating blood and other materials with biological risk of traumatic scenarios and crimes, as well as disinfecting the affected area to restore it to normal conditions.

Our technicians are trained and equipped to clean blood, tissues and other materials with biological risk thus reducing the risk of spread of infections or diseases.

We also understand the emotional pain that surrounds these complex situations and we put ourselves in the place of friends and relatives of the victim with compassion and respect.

At crime scene cleanup company in Santa Clarita our technicians have been properly trained and certified to safely and effectively eliminate all types of hazardous biological materials and our cleaning procedures comply with all health regulations.

We use powerful industrial grade hospital cleaning and disinfection chemicals.

We transport all materials with biological risk after they are removed to a medical waste facility duly authorized for 100% safe disposal.

Our wide range of services includes: crime scene cleaning, traumatic scene disinfection, unattended death cleaning, suicide cleanup, homicide cleaning, blood and body fluid cleaning, extreme cleanups , bio recovery services.