How To Invest In The Business

The first thing you need to understand – acting as an investor for the business you are the boss, so to speak, and it is your decision will depend on the development of a particular business idea.

I had once suffered from a lack of money to start a business, to me as an entrepreneur, banks do not give loans, and unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I have not found an investor and all whirled with his own hands, but such as I have one and many beginners in business the investor is required. In market you will find many legit and fraudulent companies. Its better to be safe and read the reviews about particular company before investing such as usi tech review

Terms Of The Investment Business

I must say that these rules I did not take in the smart books on economics and investment, and they just come to me from experience:

To know the scope of investment . If you are going to invest money in a business, you just have to know at least part sphere in which you are going to invest. This will help you to adequately assess the prospects of the project and see the potential pitfalls that have not seen the newly businessman offering to invest in his business;

Business plan . The entrepreneur who is looking for an investor must be prepared the business plan of the future project. The business plan all the risks must be calculated, as well as financial calculations are made: it takes investment and for how long the money will come back. It is not necessary to get involved in projects of return in excess of 3 years. Business plan rough structure that you treat can be found here ;

The amount of investment . Count their forces, if you can pull the selected financial business project. Money should not be in the butt, must be a financial reserve of 20-30% of the original amount invested. The so-called airbag. It will be a big problem if you invest money and they are not enough for you as an investor will have to additionally look for the missing amount. In this case, under the risk of getting the whole project and of losing the invested money can be in a jiffy;

Become a co-owner of the business . To do this, it will be necessary to open the company for 2 people, businessman in which you invest money and you. So you protect yourself fully from the legal side. You must be an equal owner of the business, ie 50% / 50%. You can keep track of your investments at a meeting of the founders and to see reports of the project. All activities should be engaged in your partner, you simply invest the project and for this get half of the business. In the following you will be able to sell it, or leave yourself and benefit from this dividend.

These four rules will help you not to lose your investment. And once again, looking at the proposed business plan weigh all the pros and cons. In the absence of a business plan and trusting just a story of a businessman money is better not to invest.

Investment In Their Business

This is perhaps the best way of investment. What could be better than their own favorite things ?

And I would recommend investors not to be afraid and start a business. Fortunately, the ideas for the implementation of this abound. Prepare a business plan, conduct market research and forth.

In any city there are unoccupied or poorly-occupied niches. Prozondiruyte situation in the local market. Talk to your friends that say they do not have in the city (they are the same as all consumers and, therefore, their opinion will reflect the proportion of the population).

In my article ” How to start a business ,” you will find all the tools to start in business. Remember: investment in itself – it is the best investment.

Read, learn, most importantly, without haste and bustle. Select a goal and eventually reach it.

Invest in someone else’s business, it makes sense only then, when you yourself are simply unable to do their work.

In all other cases, take responsibility for the business and remember …. No one will do for you …. how are you!

You can try yourself investor in the Forex exchange that is well-embedded 5000 you can earn up to 1 day 500 000, but you can lose it.

At this perhaps all! Inquiries in the commentary to the article, or my band in contact ” Business Secrets for a beginner .”